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Transform Your Social Media with Just a Click.

Start with your website link for a custom social media strategy.

We analyze your business, from offerings to brand voice, then automate content creation, matching captions with perfect images. You control edits, scheduling, or deletion!

Shanklin Cafe Drink Post
 Shanklin Cafe Breakfast Post
Shanklin Cafe Close-up Coffee Post
Shanklin Cafe Exterior Coffee Post
Shanklin Cafe Dog Post

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Instant Strategy from Your Website.

Start Simple: Give us your website link, and we’ll do the rest. From your online presence, we derive a bespoke social media plan, ensuring every post feels like you.


Tailored to Your Business.

Custom Crafted: We dive into your website and socials, picking up on your style, industry specifics, and even your menu or services. What you get is a social strategy that’s uniquely yours.


Automated, Personalized Content Creation.

Effortless Posting: We create posts that speak your language, pairing your words with the perfect images from your own resources. No suitable photo? We’ll guide you on snapping the ideal one.

Full control always stays in your hands.


Easy Scheduling and Management.

Plan Ahead with Ease: Manage your social media calendar in a few clicks. Our suggestions fill your schedule with engaging content, ready to edit, schedule, or swap as you see fit. Stay ahead with minimal effort.


10 Hours of work in 10 minutes.

Frequently asked questions.

How does BIGR Social streamline social media management?

Our platform uses your website to automatically generate a full social media strategy, creating and scheduling posts for you. This means more time focusing on your business and less on social media logistics.

What makes BIGR Social unique?

BIGR Social stands out by offering a truly tailored experience. We don’t just automate; we personalize, ensuring your social media posts align with your brand's voice and style.

Is BIGR Social suitable for my industry?

Initially, BIGR Social is serving up success specifically for hospitality businesses, with a particular flair for food services. We're cooking up a strategy that caters directly to restaurants, cafes, and other food-related ventures, ensuring your social media is as delightful as your dishes.

What platforms does BIGR support at launch?

At launch, BIGR Social will support Instagram and Facebook. We're excited to integrate new platforms in the future, expanding your reach to even more audiences.

When and where can I find Social BIGR?
Get ready for BIGR Social, launching on iOS and Android in 2024. Can't wait to get started? Join our waitlist now and be the first to know when we go live. Plus, you'll get exclusive access to early updates and special offers! Sign-up at