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QR Code Marketing Strategies for Restaurants to Boost Off-Premise Orders

QR codes made a huge resurgence during the pandemic for contactless menus and payments at restaurants. But their utility goes far beyond just communicating offerings and facilitating transactions. Here are creative ways restaurants can leverage QR codes for mobile ordering, payments, loyalty programs and more in 2024:

qr ordering

Prompting Easy Mobile Orders and Delivery

Place QR codes on product packaging, receipts, table toppers and storefront windows. When scanned, it can direct customers to place a quick mobile order for delivery/takeout -- streamlining the process and capturing revenue.

Exclusive Mobile Loyalty Program

Rather than traditional physical punch cards, use QR codes to allow customers to easily enroll and track progress in your mobile loyalty/rewards program just by scanning codes during transactions.

Direct-to-Mobile Payment Portal

Reduce friction and potential COVID exposure by setting up QR codes that instantly prompt contactless payment through Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay and other mobile wallets.

Creating Memorable AR Experiences

QR codes can also unlock immersive augmented reality branded experiences when scanned on smartphones. For example, "fireside feasts" that let customers watch an animated 3D fire or custom SnapChat filters.

Tapping into QR codes' versatility allows restaurants to modernise and unify the omni-channel customer experience. And integrating them with your other digital channels like social, email, web and mobile apps drives seamless transactions.

Winning QR Code Use Cases:

  • Grill'd's QR "scan & order" codes at tables for contactless ordering

  • Schnitz's QR codes on packaging for easy re-ordering of favourites

  • 8Bit Burgers' AR QR experience unlocking a retro video game theme

  • Betty's Burgers QR code Instagram filter letting you "bite" into their burgers

As technology advances, QR codes will only become more integrated into restaurants' core digital marketing and commerce strategies. So start brainstorming creative use cases today!