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The Best Types of Content for Small Businesses on Instagram & Facebook in 2024

As social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook continue to evolve in 2024, the types of content that capture attention and engagement are shifting too. It's critical not just to know how to make good content on platforms like Facebook, but to identify what content produces the best results.


Factors like new AI feed ranking signals, changing user behavior and preferences, the latest creative tools and apps empower new content formats - all impact what content resonates most.

Here are some of the top-performing, high-ROI content categories small businesses should focus on for Instagram and Facebook in 2024:

  1. Social Commerce Photography/Videos

    We're entering a new era of shoppable social commerce experiences powered by augmented reality and AI. Brands that prioritize high-quality visuals optimized for Instagram and Facebook product tagging will have a competitive edge for driving traffic and sales from these platforms. Think product shoots, modeling lifestyle visuals, explainer videos, teaser clips and more.

  2. Interactive Polls/Quiz

    Content Polls, quizzes, and other gamified interactive content unlock powerful engagement while also providing businesses with invaluable customer insights and data. Apps like Instagram's Question Stickers and Facebook's Polls feature can seamlessly build this into your content mix. Short "this or that" visual polls pair perfectly with photo/video posts.

  3. Behind-the-Scenes Stories/Live Video

    In 2024 we're firmly in the era of millennials/Gen Z leading both the consumer and workforce demographics. This generation craves authenticity and transparency from brands they support. Going "behind-the-scenes" with casual photo/video stories that pull back the curtain can foster connections beyond calculated brand-facing polish. Features like Instagram/Facebook Stories and Live Video enable this informal peek behind-the-scenes intimacy.

  4. Visually-Striking Graphic Templates

    Whether announcing a new product drop, sharing a bold company milestone, or providing bite-sized education - polished, visually-striking branded graphics that align with projected visual trends will still have a firm place in the 2024 content mix. Using AI-powered creative tools or templatized design frameworks enables SMBs to achieve more premium aesthetics without breaking the bank. Just be sure graphics are accompanied by smart, relatable copywriting.

  5. Meme/Viral Content 

    Given Reels, TikTok's influence, and shifting media consumption preferences, meme-worthy bite-sized viral content will be huge in 2024. Lean into current trends, pop-culture moments, and getting creative with relatable humor that aligns with your brand identity. This type of social media cultural currency helps increase visibility and memorability among younger target audiences.

Key Principles for 2024 Instagram & Facebook Content Success:

  • Prioritize quality visuals with clean, bold aesthetics using templates/presets

  • Make creative use of platform features like Stories, Live, product tagging etc.

  • Balance educational/inspirational content with fun entertainment value

  • Don't sleep on short, snackable video content that hooks people scrolling feeds

  • Automation tools like BIGR can optimize content creation and distribution

In the end, while futuristic content formats will grab more eyeballs in 2024, the fundamentals of consistently creating value and entertainment tailored to your target audience will still reign supreme on Instagram and Facebook. And don't forget about best posting times for social media platforms in 2024 to maximize your results!