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The Shortcut to Bigger Social Success for Busy Businesses

Running a small business comes with a never-ending to-do list and marketing typically gets pushed to the back burner. But neglecting your social media channels means missing out on crucial engagement, leads, and sales in today's digital world.

The good news? Maintaining a top-notch, bigger social presence no longer needs to drain your precious time and resources thanks to BIGR Social's automation app.

Old-school social media management is a time suck, plain and simple. From developing a tailored content strategy and creating punchy captions to sourcing quality visuals and scheduling posts, it's a constantly looming task. Not to mention the inevitable last-minute post requests or impromptu updates to the calendar.


BIGR Social condenses those 10+ weekly hours of work into just 10 minutes, removing the heavy lifting for busy teams and business owners. Here's how our automated social media service operates as your brand's shortcut to bigger success:

First, BIGR Social deeply analyses your business - scraping details from your website, menu, brand assets, and existing social channels. This wealth of data allows us to devise a customised, long-term social strategy tailored to your brand's unique voice, offerings, promotions, and industry.

From there, our technology automatically generates engaging social media posts and captions specifically for your business. That means photos of your actual menu items or services paired with clever, on-brand copy that resonates with your audience. No cheesy stock imagery or generic captions here!

Simply review the created content batches in BIGR Social's easy app, giving a final approval with a click or swiftly editing as desired. Our intuitive calendar tool lets you see all scheduled posts for a seamless content preview.

With the consistent stream of authentic, pre-approved posts continuously feeding your accounts, you can finally put social media marketing on autopilot and reclaim your valuable time. All without sacrificing quality, strategy, or brand voice.

As businesses like SugarShoppe can attest, BIGR Social's automated service is a game-changing shortcut for unlocking bigger social growth while eliminating the usual management headaches.