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10 Creative Ways Cafes Can Use Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories have become a powerful content channel for any business looking to boost engagement and sales. However, many cafes and coffee shops still aren't maximising Stories' full potential. Here are ten creative ways cafes should use Instagram Stories:


  1. Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Storylines 

    Take your followers into your kitchen and behind the scenes through a day-in-the-life employees Story for an exclusive glimpse at your cafe's operations.
  2. Barista Tutorials and Coffee Tips 

    Build authority and educate your audience on everything from latte art techniques to home brewing tips through IGTV video tutorials added to your Stories.
  3. Sneak Peek New Menu Items 

    Build hype for a new seasonal drink or bakery item by providing the first exclusive look and details through a series of short Stories teaser clips.
  4. Interactive Polling & Q&As 

    Keep your audience engaged by providing educational coffee trivia, soliciting new flavor ideas through polls, answering customer questions through Q&As and more.
  5. Partner Takeover with Local Coffee Roasters 

    Provide a fresh perspective and cross-promotion value by having a local coffee roaster "take over" your Stories for a day to showcase their products/process.
  6. Menu Ordering Experience 

    Guide customers through the ordering experience, virtually showcasing your displays, checkout process, and most popular menu items.
  7. Contests and Giveaways 

    Run a simple contest prompting customers to like, tag friends, or create their own Stories content for a chance to win free coffee or swag.
  8. Flash Sales and Limited-Time Offers 

    Announce exciting flash deals on drip coffee refills, add-ons, or a sweet of the day only available "for Stories viewers" to drive FOMO.
  9. Community Event Promotion

    Highlight community events, poetry nights, or local musicians playing at your cafe through a dedicated Instagram Story that lives for 24 hours.

  10. Influencer & Customer Takeovers 

    Have loyal cafe influencers or customers temporarily take over your Stories for a fresh perspective that feels authentic.

Stories provide endless creative flexibility to surprise and delight your audience. The nature and interactivity of Instagram Stories keep your followers hooked - so have fun with it!